Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder

Hey #KittieBabe! My name is Katie and I’m 22 years old. I’ve always had an obsession with lip products, especially balm and gloss. I can’t stand the feeling of dry or bare lips,  I love how applying lip gloss makes me feel. It’s like putting the cherry on top of the cake that is YOU! Just a little moment to remind yourself of the baddie you are. You should just see the amount of lippies I have in my purse, vanity, or car…I always have some on me.

My passion for healthy, glowy, glossy lips is what struck an interest in starting this business.

As well as searching for a more fulfilling life path while at home in early quarantine during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

What goes into the product and onto my lips is important to me, including how it’s made. Many big beauty corporations use inorganic ingredients in their cosmetics as well as use machines to mass produce, which is something I personally don’t prefer as a consumer. Formulating my products with certified organic, plant-derived ingredients is my #1 goal. All products are handmade with love by me in small batches to reduce waste and ensure quality. And always tested by myself and close friends. I do not support Animal Testing of any kind, and only work with manufacturers who share that belief.

Why “Kitties Cosmetics”?

Some of my close friends refer to me as “Kitty” or “Kittie”, and my childhood nickname is “KitKat”. I also have a huge heart for cats in general, especially my own tabby babies, Juniper & Jasper. The particular name first started as an idea with my sister. In the early stages of quarantine, we imagined opening a future salon together with the name “Kitties Services” which transformed into Kitties Cosmetics with this business. 

I launched Kitties Cosmetics on July 19, 2020 and have gradually expanded its product line to more than just lip gloss. (Fun fact, our Soothing Lip Glossie shades Starflower and Rosa were part of our original launch!)

I love growing with Kitties Cosmetics and seeing so many others love it just as much as I do.

To know that Kitties Cosmetics has reached almost every state across the USA, and several international countries, is mind blowing! Every time you share a selfie or story loving the glossies and glam I made just for you, it’s truly so surreal.

It’s an indescribable feeling when someone asks “What gloss are you wearing?” and I respond with “My own!”

We’ve really come so far and I can’t wait to see how much further we will go, together.

Thank you for being part of this amazing journey and for supporting my dreams! 


Handwritten signature of Katie Martini, creator of Kitties Cosmetics
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Just recently found this small business & I’m already in love! The aesthetics, the products, just everything is so lovely ❤️


love reading abt small businesses & getting to know the owners! love ur brand so much, can’t wait to see what’s new :)

hannah s.

absolutely love the aesthetic of your brand! i love the glosses i’ve tried & the lip scrub, just everything is so cute !!!


love supporting this small business! the glosses i have are so smooth and surprisingly nonsticky. excited to see what’s to come :)


Hi babe!

I love this blog and so happy for you! It’s so refreshing to hear other small business stories. Sending many blessing you way love 💖

Alexis (Glossi Babe)

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