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Lovingly curated Glossies and Glam For All, since 2020!

While makeup is not a necessity, it allows for creativity to thrive, and can help boost your esteem! We want our consumers to feel confident and comfortable. To treat themselves and take care of themselves. Which is why we provide an ever-expanding array of quality curated products ranging from lip care, lip makeup, and more to enhance your natural beauty and freshen up your personal collection. We aim to create a community focused on self love, care, and compassion by prioritizing mental health and finding joy in whimsical and dreamy, everyday items.

 Brand Values 

✅ Always cruelty-free. We do not believe in animal testing of any kind. We only source from manufacturers who share in this belief.
✅ Certified organic ingredients and vegan friendly formulas. We believe what goes on your skin should benefit you and be made with naturally sourced, plant based ingredients without harming innocent animals.
Hand crafted items. We personally curate and test all products. 
Keep makeup fun! Our products are packaged in a unique, aesthetically pleasing way to brighten up your beauty collection!
✅ Self- care, love, compassion. We prioritize mental health and self love, while looking #prettyglamgood.

✅ Inclusivity. Kitties Cosmetics is proudly a woman-owned and operated brand that sees itself as an ally to all individuals. We proudly support and advocate for the LGBTQIA+ Community, and donate annually to the Equality Federation. We collaborate with content creators and makeup artists, no matter one's gender, orientation, or personal practices. We believe everyone has a right to love and live in their bodies within their true identity.

Glossies & Glam For All. 

How old are we? 

We launched on July 19, 2020, and were founded by executive creator, Katie Martini. Read our “Meet the Founder” blog for more!

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